2011 Great Lakes Championship

A Letter From Kevin Brown 

I hope everyone has survived the winter well and is starting the think about the upcoming sailing season. In the last E-Newsletter of 2010 we asked the question of where we should put the 2011 Great Lakes Championship. In the past three years we have had a steady, if not overwhelming, turnout to the Great Lakes Championship event and we are looking for ways to attract a bigger fleet. It has been the exact same owners that have attended the Great Lakes events in the past number of years. We received six responses to the e-mail and again all were from the same boats that have been attending the class Great Lakes Championship in recent years.
Our championship event last year was held at the Buffalo Yacht Club in conjunction with an annual regional event called LYRA and was an incredibly well run event that featured convenient launch and haul with services provided by RCR Yachts at very modest prices. The prior year we held the Great Lakes event at Youngstown Yacht Club in conjunction with the annual Youngstown Level Regatta and that event included free launch and haul with a very modest entry fee. It seems that all Farr 30 owners and their crews that attended both these events were extremely pleased with the choices of venue and with the event itself and all they offered. We must again congratulate Chuck Wright of Rochester and his team on Uprising for sailing a solid, consistent event to win the 2010 Farr 30 Great Lakes Championship in a tie-breaker over Notorious. The entire fleet was very closely matched and it was mere points that separated the entire fleet at the end of the event. Third through sixth went to Mummy, Standard Deviation, Adrenalin and Snooker.
For the 2011 Farr 30 Great Lakes Championship we will be returning to the Youngstown Yacht Club to again participate in the annual Youngstown Level Regatta that this year is scheduled for the July 23/24 weekend. This decision is based on owner responses to the question of a 2011 regatta venue from the fall E-Newsletter. After investigating the venue options of Rochester YC, Detroit NOOD and Cleveland Race Week, which were all suggested by respondents, it was unanimously agreed that Youngstown Level Regatta was the best, most reasonably priced and best run regatta option and fell at a time in the summer schedule that produced the fewest conflicts. As it currently stands we have seven owners who have indicated their intention to participate at the Youngstown event this year so it forms a great basis to encourage the many other Great Lakes based owners who have not attended a regional event in a number of years to participate in this class event. We suggest all owners to go to www.yachscoring.com and sign up as soon as possible. It is not necessary to pay the regatta fee until the July deadline but it really helps the organisers and competitors alike to see your commitment to the event at an early date. We hope to see the biggest turnout we have had in recent years to the Youngstown event this year and encourage all Farr 30 owners to give this event priority and put it on their 2011 sailing schedule.
Kevin Brown
Farr 30 Great Lakes Fleet