Memo: Revalidation and Rebranding the Farr 30

Memo to all Farr 30 One Design Owners

Revalidation and Rebranding the Farr 30


Happy New Year to all! We are excited about the new boat and class names as we update the web site and work on getting schedules and racing events agreed on and publicized for 2009.


Sailmakers have been provided with graphic files and are producing new mainsail insignias. You may contact them for details on removing existing Class insignias and positioning and applying the new Farr 30 ones.


New cabin-side decals will be distributed by mail so those can be applied to complete the branding switch at no cost to you. So that we can improve our communications to all owners world-wide it is critical that we have an updated, accurate owners list. Therefore please send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it with your current contact details and please include boat hull #, sail # and name. On receipt our database will be updated and a new set of decals for your boat will be mailed to you. We thank the North American West Coast and Australian fleets and the owners from other locations that have already completed these updates and for those members we do not require you to resubmit address or renewal information.


New revalidation and sail button forms will be posted shortly on the website so you can complete those and receive your new-format 2009 Farr 30 One Design Certificates which will be emailed to you on receipt of the completed form and payment of Class dues and Certificate renewal fees.


We look forward to seeing you at Class events this year and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the renaming and rebranding, renewal of Class membership and One Design Certificates, and rebuilding and reinvigorating this great Class worldwide.

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