USWatercraft Portsmouth Rhode Island, USA


        LOA                              30.94 FT           9.43 M

        DWL                             27.56 FT           8.40 M

        BEAM                           10.10 FT           3.07 M

        DRAFT                          6.9 FT               2.10 M

        DISPLACEMENT           4,548 LBS         2,063 KG

        BALLAST                      2,095 LBS         950.2 KG




         E-GLASS, PVC foam core and epoxy composite, wet pre-preg, post cures

         White gelcoat deck and hull


         Diesel engine:  Yanmar Sail Drive 10hp

         Two blade folding propeller

         Fuel tank 35 litre

         Fuel filter – water separator

         Single lever throttle and clutch controls


         12 volt DC distribution panel

         Circuit breakers of appropriate amperage

         Main battery switches

         Battery: 65 amp hour (2)

         Wiring for 2 batteries

         Alternator: 45 amp on engine

         Navigation lights

Plumbing and Stove

         Water tank – 55 litre (1)

         Gallery sink with manual pump, overboard drain

         Manual bilge pump (cockpit mounted)

         Stove - 1 burner butane

         Head/Portapotti type

Deck Hardware


             Standard Package

            - Primaries Harken 40, 2 speed (2)

            - Utility Halyards Harken 32/2, 2 speed self tailing (2)

            - Winch Handles Harken 8” AL lock-in (2)

         Deck Hardware by Harken

         Forward opening hatch

         Opening ports in cockpit (2 each)

         Pulpits – Bow and stern custom stainless steel

         Lifelines – Upper and lower 1x19 S/S wire

         Stanchions – 2 tapered and 4 tapered with inboard braces

         Rope clutches for halyards

         Main halyard lock

         Jib tracks – adjustable tracks port and starboard

         Mainsheet traveller system

         Mainsheet controls 4:1 coarse and 14:1 fine tune


         Autoclave carbon rubber stock with epoxy/s – glass blade

         Upper and lower rudder bearings

         Custom tiller and hiking stick

Spars and Rigging

         Carbon fractional rig with 2 carbon swept back spreaders

         Aluminium extruded boom

         Outhaul lead aft to pit

         Rigid Vang – 8:1 Spectra lead aft port and starboard

         Carbon spinnaker pole

         Standing rigging:

            - discontinuous rod

            - 1 x 19 Diagonals

            - Kevlar permanent backstay adjuster 16:1

         Twin groove headfoil

Running Rigging

         1 Main halyard 5/16" Yale Aracom-T with a wire pig tail and Wichard 91433 shackle

         2 Jib Halyard 1/4" Yale Aracom-T with a Ronstan RF6110

         1 Spinnaker halyard tapered 5/16" Samson Warpspeed Tapered with a Ronstan RF6110

         1 Pole lift 1/4" Samson Warpspeed tapered with a Ronstan RF6110 shackle

         1 Mainsheet 5/16" Samson XLS with an eye

         1 Mainsheet fine tune 1/4" Samson XLS with ends whipped

         1 Cunningham line 6mm NE finish line with ends whipped

         1 Traveler control 1/4" Samson XLS with an eye each end

         2 Jib sheet 5/16" Samson XLS with ends whipped

         2 Spinnaker sheet tapered 5/16" Samson Warpspeed tapered with a Ronstan RF6110 shackle

         2 Foreguy 2:1 1/4" Samson Ultra-Lite with ends whipped

         2 Afterguy tapered 5/16" Samson Warpspeed tapered with a Ronstan RF6110 shackle



         Bottom finish in polyester gelcoat ready to sand and paint  

         Foils are faired to templates and primed

         Interior is finished in matt white polyurethane

One Design

        Guaranteed to comply with F 30 One Design Class Rules upon delivery

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