World Championship 2015

Farr 30 Worlds 2015 will take place at the Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle, WA on September 19-26, 2015. We are still waiting for the Notice of Race - but for now, save the dates and get ready to rock!

Sep 19-20 - Pre worlds racing
Sep 21-22 - Measurement
Sep 23-26 - World Championship racing
Tuesday night - Welcome dinner
Saturday night - Awards Party


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Interview with David Chapman - Topas tactician

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - August 30, 2014 - While the boats were packing up, we managed to get this interview with David Chapman (DC), tactician on the new World Champion, Topas.

- David, congratulations on the title! Although Topas is almost always up there fighting, I think we saw a new Topas this event with very good speed and consistency almost at all times. What put you in the winning lane?

DC: "Well, after the 2013 Worlds in Newport, the team were a little disappointed with 6th, many times we had good position but our speed was not great, I got a phone call from Harald while I was in Sydney for my summer in March. He asked me if I would join the team again for the 3rd time. I said to Harald that he could be World Champion if he lets me make some position changes on the boat! Harald was very excited about this idea and so I made some plans to win the 2014 Worlds...

Step 1 - Improve upwind speed, Sea Biscuit was the fastest boat at the Newport Worlds so I stole Dave Scott & he agreed to join us.
Step 2 - Light jib not L/M
Step 3 - Hike Harder!

Going into the regatta, I was concerned with Martin at Matrisen & Happy Yachting with Orca and Triple P as dark horses... I think Martin was very nervous and he had trouble the whole regatta with starting, this allowed us to start ahead of him & he very rarely got past. With all credit to Martin & his crew they never gave up & pushed us all the way!

To my team - I think we hiked the hardest and left everything on the race course! I was very sick during the regatta, which meant I wasn't much fun to sail with but the boys trusted me and it all worked very well. I am extremely proud!

Lastly - it was great to sail with Harald who has given so much to the class! He loves this class so much! His goal was top 3 and now he is World Champion! I told the team at the start of the year that it's the Germans' year. Football of course lastly for me since I'm from Sydney, but my first overseas experience was in Copenhagen, which made this a very special regatta for me. I have been to KDY since 2004 and the Scandinavian people are just the best!"


Full results here

All races can be replayed here

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Topas crowned as Farr 30 World Champions 2014

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - August 30, 2014 - As heavy rainshowers rolled in over the waters of Tuborg Harbour and added to the drama, PRO Andreas Kuchler transmitted over VHF that everything was set to start the last day of the 2014 Farr 30 World Championship on time. There was quite a strong current eddy going round the bay, setting the fleet off to starboard at the start and to port at the upwind mark. The standings before race 10 had Topas - skippered by class veteran Dr Harald Brüning - in a strong 7 point lead over 2nd place Matrisen. But a lot can happen in sail racing and 7 points in two races is not safe until the finish line is crossed and protest hearings are done.

Race 10

The pre-start favoured the right side of the line. Happy Yachting won the start with Matrisen a bit up the line on the windward hip of TU Delft. Topas started a bit further down the line - a tad later but with clear air and good speed. While Topas could rely on their boat speed and free wind to gain quickly after the start, Matrisen had to work to get clear of TU Delft. Two minutes after the start, most of the fleet were on port tack, going with the current. Topas charged ahead and took the lead early on. Matrisen worked their way up to 2nd place but on the layline to the upwind mark they found themselves in dirty air from Topas and not fetching the mark because of the current. They had to tack and dip three sterns, rounded 5th after Topas, Cheyenne, Orca and Avantime.

At the downwind mark, Orca had managed to get contact with Topas and rounded 2nd, close behind Topas. Matrisen was still 5th. Topas sailed a flawless upwind and extended their lead to 120 metres before Orca. Matrisen had worked their way up and rounded 3rd before Civitanova and Cheyenne. These standings held on the downwind and while Topas scored another bullet, Orca scored 2nd and Matrisen 3rd.

Race 11

The pin end was quite favoured while the current was still setting the fleet to the right. Which way to go? Matrisen nailed the start at the pin end, with Avantime right on their hip. Topas had free wind just to leeward of the middle, Happy Yachting started at the RC boat with Orca in the second wave right behind. Happy tacked immediately around the RC boat while Orca went on for a while.  Halfway up the first beat, at the first meeting, Rock'n'Rolla was in the lead with Orca in 2nd, Mrs Freckles in 3rd and Matrisen 4th. Orca didn't fetch the mark, tacked and crossed ahead of Mrs Freckles, but sailed somewhat past the layline, letting Freckles in underneath. Rock'n'Rolla tacked too late and had to go against the strong current on port, dropping behind Freckles and Orca. Freckles rounded two boat lengths ahead of Orca. 

Orca managed to pass Mrs Freckles and took the lead halfway down. They chose the left mark, while Happy Yachting had done a very good downwind and rounded second at the right mark. Freckles rounded 3rd and Rock'n'Rolla 4th. Matrisen rounded 8th and Topas 11th. Orca sailed a flawless upwind, covering the fleet in a good way and extending to 80 m lead over Happy Yacthing at the upwind mark. The downwind was a very tight race where the winner Orca managed to stay in front of Happy Yacthing (2nd) and Letto di Pletto (3rd) in the last race of the 2014 Farr 30 World Championship.

The final results crowns Topas and Dr Harald Brüning with crew as Winners of the 2014 Farr 30 World Championship!

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Full results here

All races can be replayed here

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